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Caramelized Salmon with Wilted Bok Choy Over Rice

The final dish - Caramelized Salmon with Wilted Bok Choy Over Rice

The final dish – Caramelized Salmon with Wilted Bok Choy Over Rice

I’ve cooked salmon plenty of times, but I’ve never caramelized it before. Today, I pan-seared it in salt, pepper, and brown sugar and once the fish was crispy and dark brown on the outside while still tender and pearly pink on the inside, I served it over rice with wilted bok choy and a ginger and soy-based sauce. I loved the crispy brown bits on the outside of the salmon. They were perfectly sweet and delicious.  Recipe to be posted soon!  Read More

Vegan Dark Chocolate Rum Cake for Two

Chocolate Rum Lo Res-4

Chocolate Rum Lo Res-4Dark Chocolate – I’m a fan.

Cake – I am really a fan.

Rum –I am 100 fans cheering in unison.

Chocolate Rum Cake? Yes, please!  Since I don’t cook with dairy very often, and my sweetie can’t eat it, I rarely buy boxed cakes, and I don’t make most of the cake recipes I find in cookbooks because most of them are crafted for dairy.   Read More

Corn Pops for Breakfast – it Happens!


IMG_3480Corn Pops for breakfast? I create recipes and blog about food, but I chose to eat a saccharin children’s cereal for breakfast along with a cup of coffee.  It’s not that bad. While it provides very little nutrition – especially because I eat it dry, it sustains me for awhile until I’m ready to eat something else.

I am one of those women who needs grains in the morning.  Cereal, toast, scone, muffin, pancakes.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BREAKFAST, and when I can get a great breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausage, and fruit, I’m all over that meal, but the ingredients aren’t always there, and my beloved grains pop out of the cupboard as if pulled by the force of magic.  Ok, it’s just me grabbing the box and pouring the lovely sweet cereal into a bowl, but that’s ok. A woman needs to embrace her inner child from time to time.

Good morning!

Salt and Sugar Mixes – Versatile Mix-ins or Gifts!

Salt & Sugar Mixes-8

Salt & Sugar Mixes-8Salt and sugar mixes are ideal for adding to recipes, sprinkling on dinner, rimming a cocktail glass, or even to give as gifts.  When I started building up our home bar and learning to mix drinks, I decided to step into the sands of of salt and sugar mixtures. Reading story upon story about mixtures, I saw that the possibilities are seemingly endless. Read More

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Purple Cabbage with Red Apple Balsamic Glaze

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Purple Cabbage
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and & Purple Cabbage with Red Apple Balsamic Glaze

I love brussels sprouts, and as luck would have it, so does Anthony! With a gorgeous pop of color and a ton of flavor, my Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Red Apple Balsamic Glaze is one of my favorite side dishes. The sublime aroma emitting from the oven is enticing as I wait impatiently for the timer to ding! Healthful and tasty, the combination of flavor – the savory brussels sprouts and the sweet and acidic red apple vinegar creates a wonderful balance. I could eat this every day!


Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Purple Cabbage with Red Apple Balsamic Glaze


  • 8 large brussels sprouts cleaned and chopped into quarters
  • 1 cup chopped purple/red cabbage
  • 1/4 of a medium onion chopped
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2-3 tbsp apple balsamic vinegar (or regular balsamic vinegar if you prefer)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Heat oven to 425
  2. Combine brussels sprouts, onion, and cabbage on a baking sheet and toss with olive oil, the balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper
  3. Roast for 20-25 minutes (longer if you prefer crispy)
  4. For a non-vegetarian/vegan option, adding bacon to the recipe adds a great salty flair!
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I served this with a kiwi and green salad with a Maui Tropical Fruit Vinaigrette made from Saturday’s leftover Maui Tropical Salsa, Fustini’s Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar, and olive oil. We then added a savory protein to the meal, and a cocktail.  I hope you enjoy my recipe!




Maui Tropical Salsa

Spicy Chicken Tacos with Tropical Fruit Salsa

Spicy Chicken Tacos with Tropical Fruit SalsaOn Maui, we have an abundance of amazing tropical and non-tropical fruits and vegetables and herbs year-round. One of my greatest joys in life is combing fruits and/or vegetables into tasty dishes or condiments to serve alongside dinner. Tropical salsa is one of those dishes, and it can be served on cooked fish, in chicken or fish tacos, on pancakes or ice cream, or even cake! The options are seemingly endless. Here is my recipe for Maui Tropical Salsa.  Read More

Spicy Chicken Tacos with Tropical Salsa

Spicy Chicken Tacos with Tropical Fruit Salsa-3

Spicy Chicken Tacos with Tropical Fruit Salsa-4Anthony and I live on Maui, and succulent tropical fruits are in abundance out here. One of our favored food flavor combinations is sweet and spicy, so tonight, I made Spicy Chicken Tacos with a Tropical Salsa. With lime juice and tropical fruit in the salsa, spicy chicken and onions, purple cabbage, and a spicy aioli, the layers of flavor deliver a sweet and feisty dance on the tastebuds with a hint of acidity to linger until the next bite – bite – chew – repeat

Read More

The Rum Cocoa Loco Cocktail

The Chocolatey and Spicy Rim

Rum Cocoa LocoAfter making the Wahine Picante, I’ve been inspired to keep creating cocktails. Tonight, I was in the mood for something chocolatey, rummy, and slightly spicy. We stopped at our local Safeway to pick up groceries for Friday night’s dinner (Grilled Chicken Tacos with a Tropical Salsa) and I was disappointed that I could not find chocolate liqueur in the spirits aisle. Bummer! I was still not ready to give up. Armed with our groceries, I also bought a container of chili powder (you’ll find out) and we headed for home. Read More

Cocktails – To Rim or Not to Rim and How

Sandy Toes Cocktail Rim

Sandy Toes Cocktail Rim

To rim or not to rim – that is the question.  Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the… slings and… vodka…sugar…arrows of…salt – ok, before I plummet completely off-track and torture you with lines upon lines of The Bard, I’ll get back to the point. Rimming cocktails.  The rim is often considered the butter on the bread, the cinnamon on the graham cracker, the bacon sprinkled atop the donut. The rim is ofttimes our first contact with the glass (unless you are using a straw), and while not all cocktails actually need to be rimmed (remember the straw), depending upon the cocktail, sometimes an un-rimmed cocktail is equivalent to an unfrosted cake. Read More

Spicy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Fluffy Non-Dairy Pancakes-10

Fluffy Non-Dairy Pancakes

A few days ago, I promised a fellow blogger, Brooke of The Babbling Brooke, that I would post my chili recipe and some pictures.  Recently, Brooke had posted a fantastic looking rack of ribs on the grill, and I commented, asking her if she made her own sauce. She then shared her recipe for Homemade Spicy BBQ Sauce. Read More