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I'm Angie, owner and blogger of Peas for Two. I run a theatre company and a photography studio by day, and in my spare time I cook, craft, act, photograph, and live and love! I hope you enjoy the recipes and tidbits on my blog. Feel free to check out my www.diningonmaui.com blog as well! Welcome to Peas for Two – Cooking for You and Two

I’m Angie, and I live in Tustin, California with my boyfriend, Anthony, and our two cats, Mallory and Phurba.

I am not a food critic, a chef, or a professional food writer. I am simply a local actress, paper crafter, home cook and frequent restaurant patron who loves to eat, drink, and write about it. I also support local businesses and restaurants by featuring them on my Dining with Angie (formerly Dining on Maui) Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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