Local Organic Vegetables at Kumu Farms

Roasted Veggies and Pierogies Lo Res

Living in paradise (Maui Hawaii) has its advantages – lush palm and plumeria trees, pineapples, beautiful beaches, gourmet restaurants, elegant and fruity cocktails, hula dancing, ukuleles, and a friendly aloha spirit. We also enjoy something extra special – organic… Read More

Roasted Root Veggies with Pierogies and Asparagus

Roasted Veggies and Pierogies Lo Res-6

Last night, we wanted vegetables for dinner after a few days of heavier meals. Our refrigerator was full of beautiful fresh local and/or organic vegetables we’d bought at Whole Foods over the weekend. The local Kumu Farms beets… Read More

Lemon Lolly Martini

Lemon Lolly Martini

I’ve been on a lemon kick the past few weeks, and the other night, I made a Lemon Lolly Martini.  Yum! I am still working on this cocktail, so I don’t have a recipe ready to go yet,… Read More

Lemony Meringues – The Third Time Really is the Charm

Lemony Meringue Cookies

At last! I am happy to write that I have finally made a successful batch of Lemony Meringue Cookies!  Sunday, after wasting over a dozen eggs on batch #2 (sorry, Chicken Little) and washing and re-washing my equipment,… Read More

Roasted Gold Baby Beats & French Baby Carrots

Roasted Baby Beats and Carrots with Porkchops over Applesauce

This past weekend, our local grocery store had these beautiful gold baby beets and French baby carrots in their produce section, and I snatched them up with excitement.  I couldn’t wait to cook them! Last night, I had… Read More

Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce Lo Res-3

Fresh, homemade applesauce – simple, sweet, slightly savory, and oh so good! Homemade applesauce is one of those recipes that you make for the first time and say, “why haven’t I been doing this my whole life?”  Growing… Read More

The Meringue Cookies – My Results of Trial and Error

Meringue Cookie Lo Res-2

Here they are. The odd-shaped, yet tasty, results of my first attempt at making meringue cookies, and since I didn’t use a pastry bag, they are a bit disc-like.  Ok, a lot disc-like.  They certainly aren’t perfect, and I made them… Read More

Meringue Cookies – Trial and Error

Meringue First Try Lo Res-9

A phrase I hear consistently about hobbies or a craft of some kind is, “it’s a labor of love…” and that is why we do it.  Cooking certainly is a labor of love, but it is also an often… Read More

Caramelized Salmon with Wilted Bok Choy Over Rice

I’ve cooked salmon plenty of times, but I’ve never caramelized it before. Today, I pan-seared it in salt, pepper, and brown sugar and once the fish was crispy and dark brown on the outside while still tender and… Read More

Vegan Dark Chocolate Rum Cake for Two

Chocolate Rum Lo Res-4

Dark Chocolate – I’m a fan. Cake – I am really a fan. Rum –I am 100 fans cheering in unison. Chocolate Rum Cake? Yes, please!  Since I don’t cook with dairy very often, and my sweetie can’t eat it, I rarely buy boxed cakes,… Read More

Corn Pops for Breakfast – it Happens!


Corn Pops for breakfast? I create recipes and blog about food, but I chose to eat a saccharin children’s cereal for breakfast along with a cup of coffee.  It’s not that bad. While it provides very little nutrition… Read More

Salt and Sugar Mixes – Versatile Mix-ins or Gifts!

Salt & Sugar Mixes-8

Salt and sugar mixes are ideal for adding to recipes, sprinkling on dinner, rimming a cocktail glass, or even to give as gifts.  When I started building up our home bar and learning to mix drinks, I decided… Read More