Turley Zinfandel for Two

Ever experience that moment when the best wine you’ve ever tasted touches your lips, slides onto your tongue and tickles your tastebuds with delight?

Kaffir Lime Simple Syrup

In one of my recent blog posts, Simple Syrup Recipe for Cocktails, I posted a standard recipe for Simple Syrup – which is 1 part water to 1 part sugar – typically one cup of water and one cup of sugar brought… Read More

Lemon Lolly Martini

I’ve been on a lemon kick the past few weeks, and the other night, I made a Lemon Lolly Martini.  Yum! I am still working on this cocktail, so I don’t have a recipe ready to go yet,… Read More

Salt and Sugar Mixes – Versatile Mix-ins or Gifts!

Salt and sugar mixes are ideal for adding to recipes, sprinkling on dinner, rimming a cocktail glass, or even to give as gifts.  When I started building up our home bar and learning to mix drinks, I decided… Read More

The Rum Cocoa Loco Cocktail

After making the Wahine Picante, I’ve been inspired to keep creating cocktails. Tonight, I was in the mood for something chocolatey, rummy, and slightly spicy. We stopped at our local Safeway to pick up groceries for Friday night’s… Read More

Cocktails – To Rim or Not to Rim and How

To rim or not to rim – that is the question.  Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the… slings and… vodka…sugar…arrows of…salt – ok, before I plummet completely off-track and torture you with lines upon lines of… Read More

The Wahine Picante Cocktail

I am a fan of spicy drinks. I’m also a fan of tropical drinks. Combine the two, and OH MY the result is the luau/fiesta of a lifetime! I love to experiment with food and drink, and after… Read More

Simple Syrup Recipe for Cocktails

Love cocktails? Do you try to make them at home, and they just don’t turn out as good as the cocktail  the bartender served to you last night?  What is the secret? Well, obviously talent and years of… Read More

Shake that Shaker – Get it Clean!

Oh boy – a home-mixed kick-ass Mai Tai to end the day and to pounce into evening.  The smooth rum, the acidic lime, and the sweet orgeat and pineapple juice.  That’s my kind of mai tai. The first thing I want to… Read More

Edmeades for Two

The first time Anthony and I tried Edmeades, we were enjoying a pau hana (aka an after-work drink) at Sarento’s on the Beach http://www.sarentosonthebeach.com.  We loved it so much, we bought a bottle at Tamura’s Fine Wine and Liquors… Read More