Cooking Tip: Play with Your Food

Carrot Circle Lo ResI love food – the texture, the taste.  I love the possibilities I see when I look at a carrot or a piece of fruit.  What can I make with this? How will it taste if I combine it with this or that – oh, the excitement of creating a new recipe.

One way to come up with an idea is to, well, play with your food. Place the food on a plate and arrange it, re-arrange it, arrange it again. The carrots and the yellow peppers and the blueberries.  Could I do something with these?  Perhaps I could sauté the carrots with the peppers, or perhaps I could nix the peppers and do something with the blueberries and carrots.  Sound strange? Maybe, but there is a possibility there.   Carrots taste amazing roasted with a honey glaze.  What if I pureed the blueberries and added them to my honey glaze? I’ll let you know!