Corona and Lime Marinated Steak Tacos

TonigSteak Taco-4ht, Anthony cooked dinner!  Since I do most of the cooking, it has been awhile since he’d cooked dinner for me. I couldn’t wait to get home. He’d mentioned his steak tacos in the past, and I was excited to try them. I came home to a wonderful aroma in our kitchen – sautéed onions and steak that had been marinated in Corona beer, salt and pepper, and lime juice for about two hours.  He sliced the steak, fried  the tortillas very briefly (30 seconds a side) on the stove in a little oil, and served our wonderful dinner for two alongside a tasty salad.

I loved his steak tacos!  He always tells me that he can’t cook, but I sensed a bit of a natural in him when I realized how well balanced the acid in the lime was with the savory flavor of the salt and peppered meat.

To counter-balance my praise, Anthony added, “I did drop a plate on my foot, and if you’d arrived home five minutes earlier, you’d have seen all the smoke.”  I LOVE HIM.

Steak Taco-2 Steak Taco-3