Feral Cats on Maui

Feral George Feature Photo

Feral George Marriott Wailea Lo Res-15

Maui has countless feral cat colonies throughout the island. Most of the cats are untouchable, aloof, and wild. Abandoned by owners or simply born in the wild, the ferals are a community of their own and so fun to watch. One only needs to watch them for a short while to determine the ranks, the families, and which are the the drop-offs or the feral-borns. The feral cat population on Maui continues to grow due to breeding and/or irresponsible cat owners casting their pets off. There are ways to help. Check out http://feralcatsmaui.org for information.

Not all ferals are aloof. We went for a beach walk tonight and ran across two orange feral cats that we have seen before – both are neutered, well cared-for by local volunteers, and appear to be healthy and happy. This one is so friendly and was probably once someone’s pet, as he’ll eagerly roll on his back asking for a belly rub. He’s uber-pettable and super-sweet, and I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of him tonight.  He looks so much like the cat my parents had when I was a baby – big orange George – and that is what I call him.  Photos are by me and copyright 2015 on my Squitty Cats domain.