Honolulu Coffee and the Grand Wailea

Honolulu Coffee-2Yesterday, I was sipping a slightly bitter and overly-strong Starbucks coffee from the Grand Wailea’s Cafe Kula, and today, I am happily sipping an earthy and bold farm to cup Honolulu Coffee from the same Cafe Kula. The cafe has made the switch to local 100% Hawaiian coffee, and it was such a wise decision.

According to Honolulu Coffee, “Since 1991, we have been roasting, brewing, and selling the finest coffees in the world. By controlling the impeccable high-quality processes, you’ll taste our passion for superior quality brewed into each cup. We begin our Farm to Cup story with our prized Kona coffee farm, located on the beautiful slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii.”

Every sip is a pleasure. In fact, I’ll be stopping at the Honolulu Coffee location at the Shops at Wailea this week to buy a bag or two.

Farm to cup! Drink local!

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