Local Organic Vegetables at Kumu Farms

Living in paradise (Maui Hawaii) has its advantages – lush palm and plumeria trees, pineapples, beautiful beaches, gourmet restaurants, elegant and fruity cocktails, hula dancing, ukuleles, and a friendly aloha spirit. We also enjoy something extra special – organic local produce, and Kumu Farms is one of the best on the island.

Roasted Veggies and Pierogies Lo Res

Located at Maui Tropical PlantationKumu Farms in Waikapu grows fresh, organic, local produce and sells their harvest on location at their Farm Fresh market and to local grocers.

I recently bought some Kumu Farms organic beets at Whole Foods and roasted them as a side dish with our dinner last night.  The beets were so fresh and flavorful, and flavorful that I had to do very little with them – just oil, salt, and pepper, and these wonderful root veggies.  Every food has it’s unique flavor, and if it is good food, a cook shouldn’t have to do much with it.  Simple seasoning is all that is needed.  The beets from Kumu Farms could stand easily stand on their own.  That is good food!

If you find yourself in Waikapu on Maui, check out their farmers market, and pick up some local produce. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.