Mini Lasagna – Made Two Ways

Mini Lasagna Two Ways Preview-2Mini Lasagna Two Ways Preview

Before the other night, I’d never made a lasagna of any kind. Yes, you read that correctly. I admit that until I made mini lasagnas in a muffin tin on Thursday, I have never made anything even remotely resembling lasagna, so I really was starting from scratch.

I’d seen pictures of lasagna cups made in muffin tins – using a rolled lasagna layer or won tons, but I hadn’t seen any with polenta. Oh, polenta – I am a fan of that ingredient. I decided to try making the mini lasagna two ways – with won ton wrappers and with polenta slices. I chose not to read any recipes for inspiration on mini lasagna and to see what I could come up with. Trial and error, my friends. That’s what it’s all about.


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