Purple Cabbage – It’s Good for You!

Purple Cabbage Lo Res-2Ok, silly question, but do you see the shapes of animals or flowers or even people when you look into clouds? I do. Is it any wonder that I am also fascinated when I find a vegetable that has a similar effect?  Purple cabbage is a healthful and gorgeous vegetable that – when chopped in half – presents an art gallery of designs that can be almost anything you imagine.  Seriously, I saw a giraffe in mine the other day. Really, I did!

Levity aside, purple cabbage (aka red cabbage) is one of the most nutritious vegetables we can eat, and I have to admit I avoided it for so long simply out of laziness! Years ago, my criteria for a vegetable was two-fold: taste and ease of use. Purple cabbage is tasty enough – marvelous actually – but the idea of cutting that round head in half and slicing and dicing seemed cumbersome and unappealing to me.

Purple Cabbage Lo ResThat is, until I actually bought one.  It was easy to prepare, and the taste? Incredible! It’s light, fresh, and has a little bite to it.  It’s also so versatile that it can be added to a variety of dishes.  I’ve used it in salads, tacos, and even as a mix-in with roasted brussels sprouts. The purple cabbage has become a staple in our household.




Purple Cabbage Lo Res-5It’s also nutritious and low calorie.  At 90% water, one cup of raw chopped purple cabbage is about 20 – 28 calories, and if you are anything like I am, keeping the pounds off is a priority.  As for the nutrients, it’s full of folic acid, fiber, and vitamin C.  Here is a story from www.fullcircle.com listing Six Reasons to Eat More Cabbage.




Here are some ways I’ve prepared it:

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