The Prodigal Blogger is Back!

We rarely realize how much we love something, someone, somewhere until it is somehow missing from our lives for a spell. For 8 months, and have been on hiatus as I have adjusted to a career change an activity concierge and a new work schedule that keeps me a lot busier during the day and exhausted by night. Keeping up with blog posts, sadly, was the furthest thing from my mind; although I have kept up on Facebook.

In the meantime, I have cooked just as often and even picked up a new skill to add to my repertoire – mixology. I’ve always made a pretty good cocktail – if we ignore that one time at my dear friends’ house 15 years ago when I measured one part Coke to 4 parts of rum for fun! (Sorry, Putsy and George!) Oh, the hilarity that ensued that night, and believe it or not, they still love me (and I them – very much). Understanding flavor balance is key, and being a home cook, I totally get flavor! (The face-reddening mishap at the Hong’s excluded.) What I didn’t know then was that just like cooking, you need a balance. For mixology, you need a tasty balance of sass – spirit, sweet, and sour. Sass (or ssas) can make or break a drink, I have learned.


Mixology – a favorite new skill – will soon be an much-needed addition to Peas for Two! I can’t wait to share what I have learned.

Are you ready for some SSAS?

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