Trying to Grow Herbs from Cuttings

On Friday, my boyfriend came home with a bag of goodies gifted by a friend of ours who has an epic garden in Upcountry Maui. Inside the bag, I gleefully spied bundles of fresh home-grown rosemary, basil, and the biggest stalks of green onions — at least two feet long — I have ever seen.  After packaging up and refrigerating enough for the next week of meals, I realized I still had 2/3 of these aromatic herbs left, and I decided to try my hand at propagating my own plantable herbs from the cuttings. After some research, I am starting my experiment, and we’ll see how it goes.

I removed as much of the leaves from the bottom of the stems as possible and placed the basil and rosemary cuttings in two mason jars of water. I placed plastic bags over the tops to create a greenhouse effect, and the cuttings are now happily enjoying the daylight on our lanai. It will take awhile before they take root — if they take root — but once they do, I’ll replant these beauties. Cross your fingers that this works! I’ll keep y’all updated. (Please do not follow my instructions here. I am experimenting.)