Turley Zinfandel for Two

untitled Ever experience that moment when the best wine you’ve ever tasted touches your lips, slides onto your tongue and tickles your tastebuds with delight?


I have.  A few years ago, my boyfriend, Anthony, and I had dinner with our friend, Dave, at a local restaurant, Haeliimaele General Store in Haeliimaele here on Maui.  (They have fantastic food, by the way.)  A Lahaina bartender with a ton of knowledge about great wine, our buddy Dave suggested we order the Turley Zinfandel – he knew that I loved Zinfandel wine.

Holy freaking wow! Never had I tasted such a smooth and lovely wine.  Skip forward a few years to Valentine’s Day 2014. Anthony and I picked up a bottle of Turley on our way home from dinner, and we decided to open at our leisure at some point in the future.  That point was exactly one year later on Valentine’s Day 2015. We opened the bottle, and it was as wonderful as we knew it would be.  It had such a soft and smooth touch and that slightly peppery flavor that I love. Divine!  I’m glad we waited to open it!

I wondered why the Turley wine so special.  After taking a peek at their Website, I discovered that their vineyards are certified organic and that they use all-natural yeast.  If you are curious, check out their Website http://www.turleywinecellars.com




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